Digitize your Business Cards with Blinq

Using digital business cards can be an advantage in finding customers especially during this time of the pandemic. Connecting virtually can avoid us from acquiring the killer virus around.

With digital business cards, you can now find, track and save customers’ information on your device without the need for face-to-face transactions. They can absolutely help you with your marketing strategy.

If you have a business, integrating mobile business card apps like Blinq would be a great benefit. They can give you the convenience of sending your contact information to anyone using your portable device.


What is a virtual business card?

A virtual business card by Blinq is an electronic format of your b-card where you can share it instantly with your possible customers using your smartphone. It gives users the power to connect fastly to anyone and monitor the visits on the online business card. Aside from that, your business can be easily accessed because it is available online. It makes the promotion of your business easy and safe from the threat of the Corona Virus. Learn more about virtual business cards and how they help your business to find more leads and gain sales.

How do electronic business cards work?

Basically, the use of Blinq electronic business cards is accessible on smartphone devices. From the creation of a profile for your online business card, to sharing it with your prospects. With just a smartphone in your hand, everything becomes accessible remotely. Especially now that there are a lot of individuals in the world who are using smartphones and carry them wherever they go.

Share your profile by sending the QR code or sending the information itself thru an email account. This is a paperless process that you can include in your marketing tactics.

What should you put on your business card?

We are in the age of technology today where our phone serves as our marketing device as well.

It is important that all the information provided for business in your virtual business card is complete and credible. The Blinq virtual business card has a lot to do in promoting your business personally or through online platforms. In addition to that, a good caption that describes the offers and features of your service is a good factor. 

Make sure that complete information about the business is indicated clearly on your business card. Whether it will be in a paper card or on your digital business card. Check the company details such as company name, tagline, logo, your name, job title, contact details, and the website where they can explore and discover your offers. A good impression of prospects will always lead you to more buyers of your products and services. 

Benefits of using Blinq digital business cards

The primary benefit of establishing a Blinq digital business card is boosting the marketing strategy of the business. One of these strategies is the rapid exchange of information. Your phone will serve as a medium to broadcast your business to the world. Because it is done digitally, it will absolutely be viewed and accessed by a lot of people.

With a Blinq digital business card for your business, it tells a lot when it comes to gaining a better impression. It gives the advantage to create a professional-looking digital business card. A piece of advice, take advantage of this benefit. Such as improving your taglines and logos to attract more prospective clients. 

Thanks to innovative technology, we now have the power to monitor and manage new relationships with clients through digital business cards.

Accept the digital world

I know some people out there are finding it hard to cope with new trends in business marketing. That is why a lot of business establishments were forced to close because they weren’t ready for the effects of a disaster like the Covid 19-Pandemic. We can no longer stop the emerging changes in marketing. Let us start finding ways to continue our business despite the limits of the health protocols. Get started with your online marketing strategy. Try the digital business cards!

Digitize your Business Cards with Blinq

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